3 Vital insurance policies for the ecommerce store.

keeping a healthy and an actively running ecommerce site or online business is a big burden these days with growing competition and cost of acquiring a new customer.Thinking that premium hosting and a well-equipped tech support team can save your business is so amateur.

There are issues which can be dealt with only Ecommerce business insurance. Running an online store without ecommerce insurance is a huge risk.If you are an amateur hustler who doesn’t have enough money to get your business insurance coverage please make sure to follow the following steps.

  • Have a backup of your site.
  • Have a good relationship with your seller.
  • Good support team.

Cyber Insurance.

Cyber insurance as the name suggests reimburses when your site is under attack from malicious malware across the web. the first step to prevent this attack is to get an SSL certificate for your site.

When your site goes offline in WordPress. it is heavily recommended to get a backup of your site to reduce the damage. this insurance reimburses the loss occurred while the site was down.

This ecommerce business insurance is heavily recommended for Shopify stores which makes more than 10k a month in profit other than that its a burden on the user.

Shipping insurance.

Shipping involves more work and concentration than any other part this is where losses occur in an ecommerce business.

it is advised to have a good relationship with your seller and constantly bee in touch with him till order gets delivered.

Many of the packages you ship might be lost on its way to the destination. be sure to learn more about shipping insurance because some of the items cannot be insured.
shipping insurance is recommended heavily when you are shipping high-value objects.

Maintenance insurance.

Maintenance is a huge issue in ecommerce or online business the website should be perfect but what if a new adjustment brings the site down.

You know its not the problem with hosting or a malware attack but how long can your site be down how much will it affect your profit.there is an ecommerce business insurance solution for this which is called Maintenance insurance which comes to play in this scenarios.

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