Steps to ease ecommerce customer service.

There are a lot of Shopify dropshippers who do not take the term return customers to seriously because of inadequate knowledge.The term return customers for experience drop shippers is a goldmine because of the nil cost in acquiring them.

There is no cost of acquisition for the new customers. So to achieve a higher number of return customers we must do on thing properly that is customer support.Customer support is the only thing that peaks the trust of the customer and makes him purchase one more item from your store and which is pure profit.

This article helps newbies in dropshipping to get their customer service right.

Live chat option.

There are some studies and testimonial which show that incorporating a live chat in an ecoomerce or Shopify store will itself boost conversion rates.Adding a live chat option within the ecommerce store differentiates your store from other ecommerce stores and is an added trust with the customer.

This will furthermore let the customer interact with the store once their queries are sorted out they will convert with a higher-order value.There are many live chat plugins available in WordPress and addons in Shopify which can be added or integrated with the store easily.

Social presence.

A good internet marketer always uses or harnesses the power of social media an ecommerce store without social media presence cannot sustain in the business for a longer period of time.There are a lot of youngsters who spend most of their time on social media. There is a separate section called social media marketing which can be used to attract potential customers.

However, you must claim the name of your brand in social media the same banners and profile pictures should be used across all social media to prevent confusion.This results in more interaction with customers thus increasing the return purchases.

Help Center/ Forums.

It is ideal and suggested to have a help center like a page or a forum where customers can post their queries and get that sorted out by themselves or where a tech support guy could answer it.

Email marketing.

Email marketing can also be used to increase the trustability of your ecommerce store it all depends upon how you deploy the emails.There are many ways to deploy emails after the purchase the constant emails from you about the product in transit can be sent to customers rapidly.

Upon receiving the product the mails can be sent to customers regarding an exclusive promo code available only for them can be used. To increase the return rate!

Authors note.

There are many ways to improve the return customer rate these outlined methods are used by famous internet marketers hope you deoly these methods to get adequate results.

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