Step by step email marketing guide.

Email marketing has quite been around for a lot of time and that for a valid reason it is one of the most direct and best ways in generating leads and using them in different ways where you can nurture your customer in a specific buying environment.

With this guide you will learn how to setup an entire email marketing funnel where you can generate more leads and sales.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is  one of the best and most effective strategies in the field of internet marketing. It involves sending effective marketing email and could convert prospects into customers and even convince one time buyers into loyal fans.

Why email marketing?

Email marketing strives as the number one communication channel with your customer. Email marketing doesn’t have  the organic reach problems as compared to other social media platforms.

Other studies show that email marketing converts more compared to other marketing campaigns.

Guide-To : email marketing

Ever felt puzzled on how to start an email marketing campaign. Email marketing is made up of various parts. The starting point is called the listThe email list is made up of several email id’s collected as leads from a website.

The email list can also be called a mailing list which can be classified into three types: hot list neutral list and cold list If you are a beginner it is advised to go on with a hot list Since neutral and cold campaigns will not be able to get more sales as expected.

 If you are interested in building your own lists then there are a lot of options like optin monster which is an email marketing tool which  is widely used by email marketers to build their email list.Email list could be built with many other similar tools like optin monster.

Growing email list.

When most people want to grow their email list the common mistake they do is they just have a optin in their page and will expect their list to grow.In today’s scenario this does not play well considering the competition and lack of content.

To grow an email list you will need to have a lead magnet. So what is a lead magnet ? A lead magnet or optin bribe is something that you will give your customers in order to fill up their email id in your optin form. 

There are many popular opt in bribes available on the internet which are ebooks and cheat sheets for losing weight etc.

How does opt-in work?

Optin pages should kind of act like a bribe page which should convince the customers to give their email id there are many model optin pages available on the internet.

For example if you are collecting leads in the health niche what you should do is to give a free 7 day cheat meal pan to your customers in order for them to give your email id.By this way the customer does not feel cheated or does not feel that they are doing too much.

There are some good qualities for a lead magnet which is 

1.Consumable content 

The diet plan pages should be easily consumable by the customers the optin page content should be easily consumable.


The diet plan that you are giving away should be actionable or workable imagine giving your customer an actionable diet plan and they will become your lifetime customers.

3.Stay relevant 

It is advised to stay relevant with the content as long as possible or else they would cause problems with lead collection.

4.Immedialty available.

Make sure that the content you are giving away to the customer has a higher delivery rate which would result in even more conversions.

Email service provider.

Your email service provider plays an important role in carrying your messages to the customer and delivering them at the right time.

Make sure that the email service provider is not Black listed by google and other search engines. There are many email service providers who are being black listed by google. These service providers email will not be sent to the customers properly.

Sending emails.

Whilst sending emails it is important to understand the timing of the emails and its value. Value less mails are often ignored or have a less open rate. So what adds more value to an email is.

  • A good headline matters a lot to open an email headlines actually invokes the curiosity of a person
  • Quality content matters when you want an engagement with the customer.
  • Easily consumable webpage or easily readable also comes in to play in increasing the conversion rate.

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