How to handle PayPal disputes with ease

There are many problems one faces while running a Shopify store one of them is managing their payment processor.Most of the Shopify stores use PayPal as their payment processor. There are many reasons why PayPal is being considered as the best payment processor by many internet marketers.

The reason is simple PayPal is safe secure and convenient compared to other payment processors and hence we will have to deal with disputes.All the payment processors have buyer protection policy which clearly upholds the rights of the payee.

When the customer is not satisfied with the product, he bought from an online store he can raise a dispute.The main reason why PayPal disputes occur due to miscommunication.

Proper communication.

Communication is the key to resolve PayPal disputes. The seller should be in constant communication with the buyer at all costs.A pattern of mail must be sent to the customer after the purchase in our store. Ecommerce platform without a proper working payment processor is a waste of resource.

Email marketing can help.

Have a series of email which should be sent to the customer after the purchase. Keep the email templates ready and tested.Make sure the emails you sent are like handwritten notes more like a personal reply from a store owner and not like a milled template.In house tech support.

In house tech support has a value-added advantage more than hiring a freelancer or it is all better to do the work by yourself.The in-house tech support provides extra care to the customer rather than sending a third-grade email template which has no value in it.

Coupons can save your day!

Coupons are not only used to save money but also can save many refunds in our ecommerce store. before customer creates a dispute in PayPal offer them coupons with half the price which may calm them down for a few days.

Tracking Ids are important.

Tracking ids are very important they act as a proof that you have shipped the item and you are not a scammer make sure your seller process the order firstly and updates you with the tracking id.Then update the tracking id with PayPal or any other payment processor you got it will reduce disputes by a huge margin.


The article clearly states that there must be clear communication with the seller and buyer without repetitive emails and adequate response time disputes are meant to take place. Disputes are not a good sign to payment processor companies which will result in an account ban. Use tracking ids and coupon codes to avoid disputes at a higher margin.

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