Ecommerce platforms 101: Free and open source ecommerce platforms.

What is Ecommerce platform:

When it comes to selling things online there is a need for a website the websites are essential in running a company. Unfortunately, many individuals or business owners do not have the knowledge to build their own website through HTML coding or to simply put do not have adequate web development skills.

This is the place where ecommerce platforms come to play, they make things easy for a person who wants to start their site and design them this can be done in ecommerce platforms with a little bit of web development skills.


Magento can be by far the biggest and open source ecommerce platform by looking at their client who is big corporate giants like Samsung Nespresso etc.It is used by thousands of merchants across the globe and it is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms.
There are an open source free version and a paid enterprise version of the platform you can use the free version anytime.

Os commerce:

Os commerce is a free theme under the general public license and hosts over very well more than a hundred thousand stores.There is a downside to this ecommerce platform being free everyone uses it has a lack of customization and themes hence most of the stores look the same.

Open cart:

This platform is not as famous as the other two free ecommerce platforms but the advantage is that it is extremely customizable.Multiple currency acceptations and various themes integrations make your store look different compared to others.


Prestashop is very age robust ecommerce platform which can be the solution for your ecomm problem it free and very easy to install has backend support to customize your site. With the latest payment processing technology.


This ecommerce platform is mainly designed for event managers and organizers who basically want to sell tickets to people and organize events. But there is a catch Ubercart should be integrated with Drupal.


When it comes to selecting free ecommerce platforms. first, the person should analyze the demands of his business and then should select the platform according to his needs.

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