B2B advertising guide with LinkedIn

If you are in a b2b platform you must have heard about LinkedIn advertising. Which is, of course, the best platform for generating leads and lead management and effective campaign management with less marketing cost compared to other social media networks.
Configuring your account.

You will have to start at a place to market your products in the case of LinkedIn it is advisable to have an original LinkedIn account verified with your phone number.
Then for the billing point, you will have to update your currency settings to your preferred country. Which once saved to a particular currency can’t be reversed.


LinkedIn ad console isn’t as much as developed like Facebook hence building or saving audience is a rather manual process than Facebook which is an easy and automated process and helps in the process like Facebook audience building.

It doesn’t matter about the platform you are going to use it is a very important subject no matter which social media marketing strategy you are going to use. Split testing is very important.Split testing tells you which campaigns perform and which do not and it will be very helpful in optimizing campaigns.The key is to give creative content as much as possible which will be helpful for lead generation and management.

Lifetime and absent.

There should be certain parameters which should be constantly checked while running ads is the amount of money is being spent by the particular campaigns.You could add a spending cap to the campaign the maximum amount can be set.


LinkedIn as a platform provides huge content for business people it is also called a b2b platform. Hence if you are in the b2b sector LinkedIn is your market place you make sure you have a good account to start with and follow the methods mentioned above you can expect above average results.

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