A definitive affiliate handbook for beginners.

To be precise affiliate marketing can be shortly described As a Commission internet marketer gets when he sells the product.Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money online with some business knowledge, unlike shopify.

affiliate marketing hands you the commission for the product you sell that’s why affiliate marketing is preferred by more internet marketers Asan easy way to make money online.

 There are many affiliate programs available on the web some of the most trusted affiliate programs are Amazon affiliate program and Clickbank affiliate program.The reason why these two affiliate programs are more famous is because of the robust system and easy way to get your money back to your account.

What you need for affiliate marketing.

The need for an affiliate Marketing System requires the form and need for an E-Commerce system to function such as hosting platform a web domain and etc.particularly the need for the domain depends upon the affiliate-program you choose usually Amazon affiliate program doesn’t need any domain names in some cases.

 Other affiliate programs offer a temporary domain to help you out. But professional affiliate marketers recommend their own domain for the safety of the customers.And content marketing team is required to market your affiliate products through the content generally affiliate products are owned by the affiliate marketers like owning a Shopify store generally the affiliate marketers just get the commission for the products they sold.

Affiliate tools.

There are many affiliate tools available in the web make sure you use the tools which are recommended by an expert affiliate marketer to avoid conflict.

Social media marketing.

Social media is generally Used to promote affiliate products. Since social media has been used by a number of young people and potential buyers more and more affiliate marketers are using social media to promote their affiliate products.Many social media platforms like Instagram Pinterest and Facebook can be used and also Twitter can be used to promote your affiliate products.

Facebook is preferred by many affiliate marketers since it as user-friendly ads manager.


Since you only owning any inventory like the traditional Shopify Store.  there are fewer chances of increasing losses. plus the products have huge margin compared to selling physical products.

plus there are any seasons for affiliate marketing like a traditional E-Commerce Store why people buy more stuff in a particular season.

 Sometimes free marketing methods will work on affiliate products If the content is good enough a free traffic method will work for your affiliate products. 

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