7 ways to fund your ECommerce business:Affiliatemarketing,Amazon Fba and Shopify dropshipping.

There are many young aspiring entrepreneurs who are quitting their studies and hustling hard for their dreams. Since keeping in mind the impeccable track record and growth of ecommerce industry in the past few years it is now clear why numerous young entrepreneurs want to make it big in the field of ecommerce.

Starting an ecommerce business without a funding source or a passive income to fund the business is literally ruining your dream. Advertising plays a major role in developing your ecommerce business Since major social media platforms are charging more and more for marketing. Starting an online business without proper funding or a passive income is not ideal.

So if you are a hard working entrepreneur you could make use of these platforms and online jobs to make money Online.

1.Stock photographer.

This is by far the easiest and best method to earn online the requirements are easily entertained with the help of a high end smartphone with a good camera or an entry level dslr. Now coming to the prospects is that there are many online marketers who are in search of pictures of cities traffic and even cooking videos.

You have to shoot these videos and you could post the videos on websites like www.shutterstock.com or you could list your service in a freelancing websites like www.upwork.com.

2.Voice over artist.

Voice over artist jobs are lot common these days Many college grad students are doing voice over jobs to support their living. The only qualification you need to have is that a good voice and pronunciation of english you could either list yourself as a freelancer in freelancing websites like www.upwork.com.

3.Free lance web designer.

Since you are an internet marketer a person who owns a ecommerce website it is easier for you to develop a website from scratch. Meanwhile  there are many people who are looking for website developers in website like freelancer.com and upwork.com.

To show how unique you are with your website designing skills you could use your own website as a testimony to your clients.

4. Transcriptionist.

Transcriptionists job is the easiest one next to stock photography. There are  no requirements for this job the only thing that is required you will have to listen to an audio and you will have to type it down the additional requirement is to be extremely accurate and precise This job typically pays you 15-25 $/hour.

5.Virtual Recruiter.

There are a lot of recruiters looking for potential candidates to their esteemed institutions. Due to restricted resources they wouldn’t have enough time to recruit new candidates.

In this profile you will have to look for candidates who suit the job profile and call them on behalf of the recruiters and forward them to the respective human resource manager. 

You could also apply for virtual recruiters here : https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Jobs/Virtual-Recruiter

6.Search engine evaluator.

The best search engines in the world is google and bing but these companies rely on users feedback  on updating their terms and services and to analyse their algorithms.

You can also fill out these forms and let those giants know that the have a problem with the algorithm.

You could apply here : http://www.thesmartcrowd.com/

7.Online tutor.

In case you’re doing admirably in school, it’s anything but difficult to think every other person is as well, however in all actuality numerous individuals battle with passing their courses. You could bring home the bacon by bailing them out and instructing them what you know.

You could apply here : https://www.tutor.com/


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