Best Crm software for small businesses.

Managing a small business is a huge task these days and is hard to keep track of customers and their business particularly small online business.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options to make your life easier whilst running a business. it is known as customer relationship management software or crm.

If you are still keeping track of your customer with an age-old spreadsheet its time to change ta a valuable safe and secure crm software that offers good functionalities.

Crm is driving industry nowadays from a scale of small business to huge corporations are getting themselves a customer relationship management software.

This article guides you through the probability of picking the right crm for your business either small or a midrange enterprise.


The first aspect of an online business owner should be the usability of the application which he or she plans to purchase.

Customer usability should be given the most priority because no matter how much you spend the crm software which cannot be operated is of no use.


What we are talking about is a small business which when taken into consideration the plans offered by the particular crm software should be economical.

These are the key aspects that should be considered before opting for the crm solution you need for your small business.


Salesforce is the most popular and very well known customer relationship management solution out there for your small business.As said salesforce crm is known for its operability and usability the price is also economical where plans start with less than 50$ a month.

There are other plans where if you need to manage sales and both customer service there are plans starting from 300 bucks to do that. There are other premium packages starting with over 600$ a month which has google application integration and other good stuff and the package will be unlimited as well.

Even though salesforce attracts small business owners because of its usability and premium features the premium packages are only recommended to midsize business owners.

Zoho crm.

Zoho crm has a separate fan base among business owners because Zoho is free up to 10 users it is a good way to make the customer try the crm.There are many other plans which can be used and has multiple other features and the free plan can be used by small business owners.

Users can try the free package to get a look at how the crm software is actually this allows the users to take a peek at the analytics and social media integration. There is some drawback in free plans which is that there will be no tech support 24/7.

Zoho somehow gives the best plans for the price economically there are packages starting at less than 20 dollars a month.

Authors note.

There are a lot of customer relationship management software which can be used but if you want a safe and secure crm product these two are the best for small business and mid-range business.

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