5 Ways to Make Seo optimization Better

Many internet marketers are afraid of the term search engine optimization they consider it hard work and are interested in paid traffic methods.

But SEO is far better than relying on social media to drive traffic for example traffic from google is valued more ! by ad networks than from Facebook or other social media sites.
This guide states 7 ways to make your Seo optimization better and easier for beginners.

Social Media profiles.

Social media can help you with your SEO strategies so it is important to claim your internet business name on all social media like Facebook twitter etc!

This gives a boost in your path to optimize the site every time you post on social media. make sure you have your website URL linked to all of your social media profiles with the same photos and banners.

Content Design.

Content is the key in search engine optimization because Google bots read your content and mark your content with the help of the keywords in it! make sure the content you put up on your site has enough keywords init.

the content should be within 400-600 words and should be well equipped with keywords. there should be enough longtail and short-tail keywords.

Prioritize engagement.

Many internet marketers prioritize sales before valuable content and user engagement if the customer is not interested in your content they won’t buy your products!

the content should be friendly and useful to the customer and should provide great value to them!

Seo agency.

Many SEO agencies are available to do the work for you sometimes tasks like backlinks and guest postings take up a huge chunk of time hence it is advised to hand over it to SEO agencies.

How to choose an SEO agency?

there are many ways in which you could qualify the SEO agency you are going to hire for example see their results and ask for proofs of their previous works.Be conscious and understand their plan to promote your site.

Seo tools.

Seo tools are proven to use in many ways which could the internet marketers to split test what works and what doesn’t.there are many SEO tools which help us to analyze the quality of the traffic we get and helps us to improve the aspects.

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